About Us

In 2014 with the development of the Pathways to Employment Program (PEP) the Matera Foundation was established with the intension of providing employment pathways into Land Management and Waste Management careers. This scope has changed to a broader industry entry pathway to ensure a greater number of Indigenous people can be assisted to find meaningful employment by breaking down the barriers that prohibit their advancement.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Matera Foundation is to support Indigenous people in the following areas:

Deal with personal situations preventing them in obtaining employment,
Rectify societal and economic barriers preventing them from obtaining employment,
Identify and/or prevent health, emotional, mental well-being barriers preventing them from obtaining employment, and
Promote and educate individuals, families and communities in methods to deal with barriers to self-determination and active participation in the economy of Australia.

Matera Foundation seeks to achieve these objectives by identifying and working with Job Actives which are like minded and/or identified within their business model an opportunity to engage in viable and sustainable employment outcomes for our target client groups.

Our Vision

The Matera Foundations vision is to meet and address the growing lack of employment opportunities for Indigenous Australian to actively participate in the growth of the Australian economy through a Indigenous Career Alignment Strategy (ICAS). Whilst there has been considerable grow and wealth over the past decade of Australia as a Nation very little if any of this economic boom has resulted in real benefit and engagement of Indigenous Australians even though the majority of this wealth has come from Mining of Aboriginal lands.

This disparity has been a result of past practice of ‘Policy on the Run’ and a failure to plan for viable and sustainable engagement of the Indigenous population at large. There have been some small successes but these are few and far between and does not represent any positive correlation between the wealth generated and the wealth shared by the rest of the Nation verses the Indigenous population.

With the implementation of the VTEC Model and the Forrest Review there now appears to be a real opportunity for structured and strategic recognition for Indigenous Australians to engage with mainstream employment outside of traditional work areas. These opportunities come at a time when the traditional employment and recruitment models that have been utilised by mainstream employers are recognised as failing to adequately access the resource represented Indigenous Australians.