In 2019 the Foundation successfully delivered five (5) Pathways to Employment programs to over 85 Aboriginal unemployed people. 100% of these individuals received various opportunities through the Foundations relationships with its valued employers across Perth in both local and FIFO roles in areas such as trade assistants, utilities, administration, retail and those who had previous qualifications secured roles back in their fields or expertise or are completing their traineeships and apprenticeships to formalise their trade. 90% were successfully placed and the other 10 % showed signs that they required further mentoring and support around barriers and behaviours that were not quite dealt with before entering the workforce and are a work in progress with the Foundation and their jobactive.

The retention rate of employment of these individuals for us stands at 65% which we are very proud of as it is higher than the national average. If there have been individuals not happy in their pathway or have failed in some way we continue to work with them and their jobactive to find the correct pathway or support required to progress them.

We grew our employer support to over 20 employers presenting to the group throughout the year with 10-12 that came to every intake to participate in the recruitment of the graduates. These employers have reported that some of their most valued staff have come out of the Pathways to Employment Program in the last 12 months with some looking to be promoted to supervisory positions within the company.

We continue to develop the program and tailor it to improve the quality of the graduates to ensure they meet the Employers requirements for specific roles and in turn improve the likelihood that they will achieve long term meaning full employment in those roles.

We encourage total transparency with our Employers with regards to current graduates on payroll and continue to touch base with both employer and employee towards a smooth transition into the role and after placement.


The outcome is to prepare and educate Aboriginal job seekers through this program to have the confidence and skill to be ale to easily transition into employment opportunities and sustain roles they may have failed in the past due to lack of preparation and care from other programs or service providers.